Named after my youngest daughter Cascia, I started this project in 2010 to help beginners and advance students of the classical guitar acquire good sounding, well built, yet affordable guitars.

Many teachers who visited the Grand Guitar Salon, asked me to find good affordable guitars for some of their high school, college and university students, that were excellent guitar players, but could not afford expensive hand built guitars, yet they required good tone, playability and projection.

Working in collaboration with the teachers and their students, we came up with several models to accommodate players of all levels.


Jose Manuel Lezcano, Ph.D.Keene State College
The De Cascia model guitars are beautiful to look at and wonderful to play. They have a singing, sustained tone, even response, powerful basses, and are the best value I’ve encountered at these prices. I used the Spruce-top model for a recent performance and the difference was immediately noticed by colleagues and other listeners. They sound much, much better than any student model guitar ought to sound and play very easily! They represent a great solution for my college guitar majors who need a fine instrument to study and perform but are on a budget.
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