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De Cascia Handcrafted Guitars

Named after my youngest daughter Cascia, I started this project in 2010 to help beginners and advance students of the classical guitar acquire good sounding, well built, yet affordable guitars.

Many teachers who visited the Grand Guitar Salon, asked me to find good affordable guitars for some of their high school, college and university students that were excellent guitar players, but could not afford expensive hand built guitars, yet they required good tone, playability and projection.

Working in collaboration with the teachers and their students, we came up with several models to accommodate players of all levels.

Each model is based on designs and bracing patterns, of higher end luthier guitars showcased at the Grand Guitar Salon, select woods are purchased direct from major merchants around the world, the woods are then shipped to China where the guitars are handcrafted in limited quantities by a small group of very dedicated luthiers.

As a last step, when the guitars are sent back to Montreal, local luthiers do a complete verification and set up, according to industry standards, on some models new bone saddles, bridges and nuts are produced, tuners are upgraded and let’s not forget the hand rubbed French polish finishing on the soundboards.

All the prices advertised on this website include: A 6 month replacement warrantee !!! (If the guitar is properly maintained according to the instructions provided)

This gives every De Cascia guitar owner great peace of mind on their investment

Finally I would like to thank the 100’s of players around the world, who have purchased a De Cascia guitar and continue supporting us

Paul B. Jabrayan, c.e.o.

De Cascia guitars